Reports etc. (Gray Literature) Relevant to the

Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge


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Toxics and pesticides:

  • Imlay and Winger (1980?) Effects of copper pesticide applications on apple snails

Phosphorus and water quality in the Refuge:

  • Richardson et al. (1990) Intensive water quality and hydrology study
  • Nearhoof (1992) Review of impacts of phosphorus on the Everglades
  • Walker and Jewell (1997) Atmospheric deposition

Hydrology of the Refuge and relationship of hydrology and vegetative communities:

  • Pope (1991) Sediment chemistry and hydrology effects on vegetation
  • Hagenbuck et al. (1974) Effects of hydrology on vegetative communities
  • Neidrauer (2004) Regulation schedules
  • Heaney and Huber (1971) History and description of water conservation areas
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District (1994) EA for regulation schedule modification
  • Lin (1979) Water quality model of the water conservation areas
  • Lin and Gregg (1988) Refuge water budget

Reports related to Refuge periphyton and the impact of mineral content on species composition:

  • Browder et al. (1991) Everglades periphyton distribution
  • Swift (1984) Periphyton-water quality relationships
  • Swift and Nicholas (1987) Periphyton-water quality relationships

Refuge geology and groundwater

  • Scott (1976) Palm Beach County aquifer
  • Miller (1988) Study of the surficial aquifer and soils of Palm Beach County


  • Waldon (2005) Timeline for the Refuge



Citations and document links:


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